Exchange pixels for ink

Bring clients to your shop with the power of the internet in exchange for tattoos

Send me a message and i will contact you in a minute

Custom your website as you want it

  • Just as tattoos, some may seem similar but any each one is unique

Change pixels for ink

  • I exchange my services for tattoo
  • That is right, like the good ol' times
  • If you want to get down to business,
    send me a message
    or send me an email to

Marketing online

  • Your website can be a very effective tool to reach new customers and fidelize your old ones

Put some ink on it

  • Help me put some ink in my body
    and i help you put some pixels on your website

  • Branding design

  • Marketing online Analysis

  • Online strategy

  • Custom website

  • Search engine optimization for Google

  • Easy to update

  • Wordpress or joomla or drupal

Maybe someone you know is interested, so be kind ans spread the voice